What You Need For Online Courses

Everyone says pursue your passion, but you almost never hear pursue your passion and pay your bills. That’s why this guy talked to the top grossing teachers in Udemy, and how they make so much money while doing the things they love.

This is where Miguel Hernandez comes in. He earned 90,000 dollars revenue on his very first course. Meet Miguel. Miguel moved in America from Spain with very little knowledge on English, and certainly no knowledge on how to create a lucrative course. But through sheer perseverance, he made a course on how companies can make demo videos for courses.

It took off. So much so that Ashton Kutcher hired him to create videos for his charity, Real Men Don’t Buy Girls.

People were then pounding on Miguel’s door asking him how he became such a success. That’s why he made a course about how to make a course online.

He says, that just over a year now, he made over 90,000 dollars worth of sales. To somebody like him, he never made that much amount of money in his life before. His tip on how to be an awesome instructor is number one, expertise. You at least have to be good at something to be able to teach somebody how to do it.

Whatever you decide to teach it, make sure you’re somewhat of a knowledgeable person doing that. The second one is passion. You must truly enjoy both, the subject you are teaching, and teaching itself.

Pretending to be passionate is almost impossible.

Third, patience. Teaching and recording yourself takes quite a bit of time and you must have the patience to follow through and keep that level of enthusiasm throughout the whole course.