The Basics of Online Courses

We’re going to talk about creating your own online course today. Some of the benefits of doing so for mediapreneurs are presented here.

This guy’s story is that he kept hearing about mediapreneur, someone that has a webshow or blog, or some kind of platform online. Experts with personal brands. These are people who are taking their knowledge and packaging them up in an online course. He then started studying it, and started interviewing everyone who had a course. He then made his course together: “Create Awesome Interviews.” It came out in 2012, and has made six figures plus in revenue. It’s gotten really good results from people.

Now, he is helping mediapreneurs create their own courses. He thinks this is one of the most amazing ways you can package things you already know and teach people get big results.

To start off, let’s talk about a few of the benefits of creating a course online.

The first one, and probably the best one, it’s really big leverage for your time. Let’s just say, you’re going to teach on kettlebell swings or kettlebell training. How could you make money from doing that kettlebell training? Number one, you can write an e-book about kettlebells. Or you could train people one-on-one all the time. Training and training and training. And maybe then you could get to small groups. The bottomline is you’re trading in a lot of hours for money.

Now, with the course, more than anything else, you’re getting big leverage. That means you can do a ton of work upfront, and then focus on the marketing and promotion and customer service, etc. And you can make money all the time from it. 24/7. It’s an amazing philosophy, and that’s one of the big reasons you should consider doing an online course.

For online courses, you don’t really need a “huge” amount of buyers for an online course. You don’t need a million customers to make 6 figures or whatever your goals are. Because, an online course sell for premium. They sell more than any other thing online. More than e-books.