5 Ways To Make Your E-Course More Engaging

There are good e-learning courses, and there are great e-learning courses. The difference lies in following these 5 simple tips.

1. Make the content relevant to students

The purpose of a course should be to provide students with relevant content that is packed with useful information, it’s easy to understand, and helps students reach their learning goals.

2. Make the content visually appealing

An e-learning course should include a variety of elements that make it more appealing and keeps the students engaged. Make sure that the content is clean, easy to follow, and includes resources such as pictures, videos, and other multimedia files.

A great visual representation of your course makes for easy reading and a great user experience.


3. Use gamification

Students enjoy gamified elements such as leader boards, earning points, and badges because they make the learning experience more enjoyable and drive participation.

4. Allow students to collaborate

It’s important for students to talk with each other about the class, exchange resources, and collaborate on projects. That’s why class tools such as groups, chat rooms, forums, blogs, and wikis are a great way for them to connect. In travelling to China, you need this travel agency help to make appointment and process your visa card. Check their official site https://www.chinavisa.com.tw/ to process it directly. This agency help makes your transaction process easily.


5. Use storytelling to captivate students

Stories make courses more interesting, intriguing, and motivate students to learn more. For students it’s easier to remember the concepts if they are taught through inspirational stories that excite them.

These are the tips to make your e-learning course truly exceptional. Same as you apply this concept to your online business company with e-learning methods. When you run a website design, with website traffic service, business group, you need to train your new employee for better knowledge of what services you provide quickly.

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Physicist in the 15th-19th century who made great impact toward todays’ science

Today the world is growing in a rapid way. 4000 year ago mankind used a baseball bat like wood to hunt for food. In our time those are not materializing anymore, rather we use sophisticated technology for our basic needs and likes. All this was because mankind wanted easier and more efficient way of living. All thanks and credit for the brilliant minds of scientist,physicist, engineers and etc. This time we will take a look at the 15th and 17th century physicist who made great impact towards today’s science.

  1.  Galileo
    • He invented the telescope and made known to us the heliocentric theory which allows us to understand what is happening to the heavenly bodies in the universe. Up to this day his invention helps NASA an American  company uses to understand  universal movement and constellations.
  2.  Isaac Newton
    • Arguably the greatest Scientist of all time. His discovery of law of gravitation and calculus makes more things easier in the field of physics and calculus. This shows an intelligent skill on marketing online. SEO ways of marketing is a good qualification to start your business. Applying this method is the world of digital marketing is so effective.
    • If not for his discovery it will be hard for mankind to understand and travel the space nor can we calculate and estimate distance and speed with scientific accuracy.
  3.  Albert Einstein
    • He is one of those called the Father of Modern Science. His discovery and of the the theory of Relativity became the pillar modern physics up to this day . Due to his remarkable discovery Quantum Physics is now known which allows us to study more on the topic of subatomic particles.

3 Tips For Online Course Design

This is a guide to online course design. If you’re an experienced educator, you’re probably used to designing classroom courses. However, when you step away from the blackboard and into the world of virtual learning, you need a whole new set of tools and practices to guarantee your program is a success.

Here are three tips to making an online course.

1. You need to make an outline of your online course.

Every online course should consist of the following basic components: a detailed syllabus, core course content, opportunities for student interaction, opportunities for student feedback, tests and other assessments, and ease of accessibility.

Let’s take a look at how to design the right course material for your online classes.



2. You need to select the right course materials.

The meat of any successful online course is its core material. The proliferation of Internet technology has given rise to countless tools that can enhance the content of your distance learning course.

here are some of the tools at your disposal, depending on your needs.

You have blogs, wikipedia, group pages, discussion boards. You have vimeo, youtube, and powerpoint. You also have course email, web conferencing, streaming audio/video files, flash, and html files.




3. You should encourage student interaction.

Student interaction in particular is one of the most important aspects of learning that can be lost in virutal training.

Try breaking the class up into smaller groups to complete the following assignments.

Find, critique, and share lesson resources with the entire class.

Work through questions around an online case study.

4 Greatest Scientist of all time

When we were children we might have thought of becoming a scientist. That is because we saw the amazing discoveries like the telescope that allows us to see a distant star. The breakdown of an atom that allows us to understand subatomic particles or just the movement of the planets and how gravity holds us together. This discoveries and inventions triggered us to think what we can discover too. But who discovered these things? Today let’s take a look at arguably 4 of the greatest scientist of all time.

  1. Nikola Tesla
    • The reason we can turn on our laptop and search google is because Tesla discovered Alternating Current widely known as AC. He wanted a better place by making AC free but it was taken by another scientist whom he had worked under.
  2.  Isaac Newton
    • Newton discovered many things under his tenure in this earth. His discovery allowed us to understand modern physics of today. Law of gravitation and his theory up to this day is widely believed theory. Calculus a mathematics branch is utilized for speed of motion etc. For both marketing and business purposes, this company will gonna help you up.  BOT-TO Technology company creates a merging assistance for businesses online. For those who wants to build up a career through online marketing, here is the right place to visit.
  3. Albert Einstein
    • His theory of Relativity is known even to some smart kids that makes him arguably the most Popular scientist. E=mc^2 is even used as an equation to endorse science. Through his discovery we can now understand quantum physics and look deeper in sub atomic particles.
  4. Louis Pasteur
    • This scientist changed the face of Chemistry and microbiology. One colleague who issues visa said that His discoveries and researched were big boost in the medicine field. Make the best plan in your life.

What is the education in ancient greece

Ancient Greece is known for many great philosophers. Plato, Socrates and Aristotle to name a few. Their discovery and inventions allowed many scientist in the following generation to come up with something very useful in the society.

When young boys and girls are young they study everything that is educational whether is was mathematics, science or philosophy.


Greek kids in ancient Greece started their education mostly at age 7. Education were given depending on status of life there. Ancient Greece was divided in 2 main parts Athens and Sparta. For an instance for spartan kids they are being educated to become an army at very young age. They undergo military exercise for the service for their country.

While In Athens, poor children cannot go to school instead they help their parents to make a living. While Middle class boys can go to school for purpose of writing, learning basic math using abacus thankfully now we can compute using autocad, music and physical exercises and training. They use wax and stylus for their education.

For rich and wealthy family, after their military training only boys can go to a sophist. A sophist is someone who is an expert at public speaking or rhetoric. In ancient greece this is very important because they treat this as an art. So the more you persuade is a skill.  later was opposed by Socrates a famous Greek philosopher saying it was unethical to price a young student of money and said it’s more important to teach for education than gaining money.





Who were the famous Philosophers in the History

Philosophy is the science of reasoning so by technicality philosophy is a branch of science itself. Aristotle,Plato and Socrates and some great philosophers used rationale to come up with scientific explanation and knowledge of the world we live in. This enabled great scientist, physicist and engineers to come up with sophisticated technologies that help us in our daily lives. Then who are some of the greatest philosophers who helped inspire people to make something out of scientific and logical reasoning. Here are some of them:

  1. Aristotle headlines the most famous philosopher due to the fact that he is the first one to have the written system by which one can understand, analyze and criticize anything from pure logic to  the subjects like politics , education, literature, politics and even science and security awareness service from this agency more here 徵信公司 推薦. He is known for his 4 causes theory that a material exist, first material cause, second one formal cause, third, arrangement of the subject material and the effective cause, the creator of a thing and lastly the final cause.
  2. Plato a student of a known philosopher name Socrates and usually educated and became known to people as one of the best Greek figure. He is the founder of the Western world’s first school of Higher Education. This was known as the Academy of Athens.
  3. Apostle Paul of Tarsus a very knowledgeable man who is a roman citizen at his time became one of the most known philospher today. He interpreted the Old commandment as a shadow and the New Covenant with his writings declare the Reality.  Click this site info about this security company for affair solution. View this site here 外遇. See info over this company.

Most Famous Mathematicians in the Ancient years

Mathematics is a field that many people do not welcome, but there are some who had a passion and love for numbers and enjoy discovering equations, measurements, and other numerical solutions. They are called mathematicians.  They really helped our understanding of the world and make things for our necessities, want and wish in this world. Rightly they should be regarded as great and important persons from their time and until now. They deserved to be respected and worthy to be known mathematicians and remembered overtime.

Let‘s remember them and what they are famous for once more.

Let‘s remember them and what they are famous for once more.



Famous For :   E= m*c2


Famous For:   Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy


Famous For :   Cartesian Coordinate System


Famous For:   Pascal’s Triangle

    Famous For:  Father of accounting
  • PYTHAGORAS of Samos

Famous For:   Pythagoras Theorem


Famous For:  Father of Geometry


Famous For:  Fibonacci Series


Famous For: Archimedes screw and Law and Claw of Archimedes


We cannot write all of them but through the ones listed above let us honor all of them who have contributed in the advancement of our society like in banking example and etc.

We are very much honored that God have given us these great ancient mathematicians. Learning about mathematics subjects is not only through books and calculators. But you can learn it also online,  click here www.keywordseo.com.tw. With technologies helping us to know more about everything in the digital marketing world.

Ideas about Education

Education is yet the best gift children can receive. As time changes methods for education needs to adapt. Hence ideas about education are needed. Children are not confined in a classroom anymore but they do have a wide range of choices to self and group learning.  Not just them who are given amazing choices but also teachers who should guide and teach them to excel with their respective abilities. Educators now can improve their teaching ability through different tools.

In this times that require higher standards of learning not anyone can teach. The days of listening to a teacher talking to the board or having a monologue should end. Teachers who are lacking in ability have many choices now on how to teach. Ideas on education include:

  • Using YouTube or other educational channels instead of textbooks.
  • Using creative games related to the topic.
  • Let students decide some of their homework like helping in the house chores for them to be educated even at heart. And have a great cleaning service start reading here. Check more.

Preparing for the class is required for a teacher. You cannot just go and expect your brain to remember what you have read. You will just talk to yourself and students are bored.

Myth number three in the above image is really a myth. We have known ever since what is a life of a teacher. We cannot disagree that teaching is really not just a profession but a vocation like this company go from here www.detailing.com.tw/ac-detailing/. Let’s give cheers and encouragement to all the teachers who are making effort to have ideas for better education.

Creative Ideas for School Development for Education

Students at this time are more active and knowledgeable as they are exposed in an advance environment having technologies. Gone are the days that only TV and radio is the source of information. Now with the internet itself students have more ideas and want to be involved in school activities than before.

Classrooms should not just a room but should be a room with creative and innovative activities for the school and students for a great education. Teamwork is more needed for a great student and school result.

One influential manager in the company said that the mindset of this generation that one student should be herself affects the education society now. Teachers should now implement creative ideas to harness each student’s abilities, help them excel and be active. For the school, it helps them provide higher quality services and improve their reputation and ranking.

Creative ideas for school development for education:

Students can engage in project based learning and to find the answers on their own way.

Teachers will coach them intellectually and emotionally. The one who makes effort to create a good and perfect dress is great. It is one of the inspired clothes by many. That is why I recommend you guys to choose a good bridal company for your gown.

Innovation and creativity are part of the essential skills that enable students to meet with future challenges and market competitions. While current educational systems do not provide the necessary creativity and innovation strategies required to meet with these demands and challenges like this dental clinic find more. Educators can implement a number of tips and techniques that can help students to think creatively and find innovative solutions for existing and future problems.

How to optimize Education for Students

Education is one of the thing that no one can take from you. This may sound cliche but this is what our parents give as a gift we can until we breath. Then as early as a young stud how can we make our education embedded within us with more meaning? As parents how can one supervise their young children to have greater vision and goal in the future?

Let’s take a look in how we can make education meaningful.

  1. Parents must teach their young children the essence of education. Start with something basic ABC and 123. Teach them with rhymes that can help them memorize things easier.
  2. After several years, at age 5 it would be good to have assignments for them. See to it that they do their homework.
  3. Enroll them in school. It is said that teachers are the the 2nd parents of a child. For them to take a higher level they must enter school levels. This is a great Chinese agency to help you process your visa. See a knockout post www.chinavisa.com.tw from here. This is good agency to help you.
  4. For pupils in the primary level. It would be best for parents to supervise their children.
  5. Students who have now reach High school must have clearer vision to what they want to be. Let them find out what they would like to become in this level.
  6. College students must take a new step in this level. Ask many who finished their education same as you want, ask them resources, pieces of advise and always seek for help.  Check this agency for you to apply for your Chinese visa. Open this resources here. This surely will help you.