Physicist in the 15th-19th century who made great impact toward todays’ science

Today the world is growing in a rapid way. 4000 year ago mankind used a baseball bat like wood to hunt for food. In our time those are not materializing anymore, rather we use sophisticated technology for our basic needs and likes. All this was because mankind wanted easier and more efficient way of living. All thanks and credit for the brilliant minds of scientist,physicist, engineers and etc. This time we will take a look at the 15th and 17th century physicist who made great impact towards today’s science.

  1.  Galileo
    • He invented the telescope and made known to us the heliocentric theory which allows us to understand what is happening to the heavenly bodies in the universe. Up to this day his invention helps NASA an American  company uses to understand  universal movement and constellations.
  2.  Isaac Newton
    • Arguably the greatest Scientist of all time. His discovery of law of gravitation and calculus makes more things easier in the field of physics and calculus. This shows an intelligent skill on marketing online. SEO ways of marketing is a good qualification to start your business. Applying this method is the world of digital marketing is so effective.
    • If not for his discovery it will be hard for mankind to understand and travel the space nor can we calculate and estimate distance and speed with scientific accuracy.
  3.  Albert Einstein
    • He is one of those called the Father of Modern Science. His discovery and of the the theory of Relativity became the pillar modern physics up to this day . Due to his remarkable discovery Quantum Physics is now known which allows us to study more on the topic of subatomic particles.