4 Greatest Scientist of all time

When we were children we might have thought of becoming a scientist. That is because we saw the amazing discoveries like the telescope that allows us to see a distant star. The breakdown of an atom that allows us to understand subatomic particles or just the movement of the planets and how gravity holds us together. This discoveries and inventions triggered us to think what we can discover too. But who discovered these things? Today let’s take a look at arguably 4 of the greatest scientist of all time.

  1. Nikola Tesla
    • The reason we can turn on our laptop and search google is because Tesla discovered Alternating Current widely known as AC. He wanted a better place by making AC free but it was taken by another scientist whom he had worked under.
  2.  Isaac Newton
    • Newton discovered many things under his tenure in this earth. His discovery allowed us to understand modern physics of today. Law of gravitation and his theory up to this day is widely believed theory. Calculus a mathematics branch is utilized for speed of motion etc. For both marketing and business purposes, this company will gonna help you up.  BOT-TO Technology company creates a merging assistance for businesses online. For those who wants to build up a career through online marketing, here is the right place to visit.
  3. Albert Einstein
    • His theory of Relativity is known even to some smart kids that makes him arguably the most Popular scientist. E=mc^2 is even used as an equation to endorse science. Through his discovery we can now understand quantum physics and look deeper in sub atomic particles.
  4. Louis Pasteur
    • This scientist changed the face of Chemistry and microbiology. One colleague who issues visa said that His discoveries and researched were big boost in the medicine field. Make the best plan in your life.