What is the education in ancient greece

Ancient Greece is known for many great philosophers. Plato, Socrates and Aristotle to name a few. Their discovery and inventions allowed many scientist in the following generation to come up with something very useful in the society.

When young boys and girls are young they study everything that is educational whether is was mathematics, science or philosophy.


Greek kids in ancient Greece started their education mostly at age 7. Education were given depending on status of life there. Ancient Greece was divided in 2 main parts Athens and Sparta. For an instance for spartan kids they are being educated to become an army at very young age. They undergo military exercise for the service for their country.

While In Athens, poor children cannot go to school instead they help their parents to make a living. While Middle class boys can go to school for purpose of writing, learning basic math using abacus thankfully now we can compute using autocad, music and physical exercises and training. They use wax and stylus for their education.

For rich and wealthy family, after their military training only boys can go to a sophist. A sophist is someone who is an expert at public speaking or rhetoric. In ancient greece this is very important because they treat this as an art. So the more you persuade is a skill. ┬álater was opposed by Socrates a famous Greek philosopher saying it was unethical to price a young student of money and said it’s more important to teach for education than gaining money.