Who were the famous Philosophers in the History

Philosophy is the science of reasoning so by technicality philosophy is a branch of science itself. Aristotle,Plato and Socrates and some great philosophers used rationale to come up with scientific explanation and knowledge of the world we live in. This enabled great scientist, physicist and engineers to come up with sophisticated technologies that help us in our daily lives. Then who are some of the greatest philosophers who helped inspire people to make something out of scientific and logical reasoning. Here are some of them:

  1. Aristotle headlines the most famous philosopher due to the fact that he is the first one to have the written system by which one can understand, analyze and criticize anything from pure logic to  the subjects like politics , education, literature, politics and even science. He is known for his 4 causes theory that a material exist, first material cause, second one formal cause, third, arrangement of the subject material and the effective cause, the creator of a thing and lastly the final cause. This bridal gown makes a bride looks stunning. A vintage themed wedding dresses is a lot of amazing designs. I got mine and I love it the most.
  2. Plato a student of a known philosopher name Socrates and usually educated and became known to people as one of the best Greek figure. He is the founder of the Western world’s first school of Higher Education. This was known as the Academy of Athens.
  3. Apostle Paul of Tarsus a very knowledgeable man who is a roman citizen at his time became one of the most known philospher today. He interpreted the Old commandment as a shadow and the New Covenant with his writings declare the Reality.  Something has to feel great with this dress. A wedding guest dresses size 18 really fits me well. I like this type of dress and so adorable to wear.