Build Your Online Course Today


Some online courses are very small, some of them are multiple thousands of dollars. Some of them are very successful, and some totally flop.

An online course is beautiful, because you can take something that you know, you can package it up, put it online, right in the middle of this onslaught of customers who are there everyday and every night looking for this information. And if you truly connect with them, they will buy, and they will buy over, and over, and over again.

In fact, I wake up in the morning and check my sales reports, and there have been people who bought from all over the world without knowing who they are. They go through the process, they love the material, and they are happy customers.

The typical thing that people think about is what technology to set up. They start off with the technology question, how much should I charge, what’s the format, etc. My suggestion to you is to put those aside in the beginning, because pricing, format, structure, all that stuff, and technology, you can deal with that in the next few pages. The bigger question is, how do you create something that solves such a burning pain that people will actually be happy to pay you.

What are some of the things that you pay for in your life? What are some examples of your products? Could be a paper towel, could be a book on parenting. There are a million sites for parenting, why did you pick that one?

When your bratty kid is screaming already, that’s the reason you went to that website.

You must be careful in creating online courses, because some people don’t really want to shell out money for a particular course. They say they care, but they don’t really buy.